"The Lost Word " Delta Cuff-links Set .
  • "The Lost Word " Delta Cuff-links Set .
  • "The Lost Word " Delta Cuff-links Set .
  • "The Lost Word " Delta Cuff-links Set .

"The Lost Word " Delta Cuff-links Set .


Delta" The Lost Word " Pin and Cuff-links set . Elegant set shaped Delta with the reproduction of the Lost Word in Hebrew . 18 karatr Gold plated, black enamel decoration. 

Dimensions: 12 mm side. 

Delta" The Lost Word " Pin and Cuff-links set . Elegant set shaped Delta with the reproduction of the Lost Word in Hebrew . 18 karatr Gold plated, black enamel decoration. 

Dimensions: 12 mm side. 

                                                                                 The Lost Word



It is believed that Adam , the prototype of primordial man , had the power to create with the Word . And on behalf of the gods creators , was invited to give a name to every creature on Earth to recognize and catalog it .

So when vocalized a name emitted a sound which in turn built a geometric figure that s'imprimeva in atoms of matter giving form to the subject. This came to life , and the life was manifested in that being with the " imprimatur " forever .

When Adam issued its efflato , the effect of which provided the inert material was certainly wonderful, because they possessed the power of the gods, the influence of the same molecules of the Elements , orienting them according to his will and desire of the heart.


Raffaele ammonisce Adamo ed Eva - Particolare (1808 - William Blake)

Raphael warns Adam and Eve - Particular (1808 - William Blake)

After the "expulsion " from Paradise Edenic , Adamic man completely lost this power , forgetting completely the use of the Magic Word that creates .

The Freemasons began to ' " Royal Art " have as their primary re-search of the " Lost Word " , and re- create again the state Adamic , an initiatory death after rising as their Master Hiram Abiff - symbol .

So emulating Hiram, builder of the Temple of Jerusalem, will re-build in your body the seat of the Light of the Temple of the Living God .

Then this Lost Word is none other than the Word Creator or G : . A: . D : . U: . , Great Architect of the Universe.

St. John begins his Gospel by saying :

"In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God ,

and the Word was God. "

He adds later that " All things were created through Him ."

These words mean that God, or where the power of God s'attua is only through the sound emitted by the Word , indeed , clearly says that the Word is God!

I am convinced that upstream of the Word must exist an idea or a project, or simply be enough to have clear ideas and then express them veicolandole with the Word . This sound emitted gives rise to a geometric figure that " fruitful " Mother -Matter , and this " gives birth to life," agree with the initial project.

This is the creative process , is the Word of God - that geometrizes giving new forms to matter. In fact , the great Pythagoras asserted that "God geometrizes ," and the Freemasons have two instruments as a distinctive symbol of geometry : " The team and the Compass ." When they open the work , are placed on the Bible open right on the page where begins the Gospel of John.

 It will be a case ?

I think not !

It can be inferred from all this that the sound vibrations through the geometry determine the absolute Principles of Mathematics , and that everything in the universe was created with the Word, Geometry and Number .

If Nature had given us a bionic hearing , we would be able to listen to the Music of the Spheres , and all the rest , since everything in the universe vibrates and has its own "sound" , and the whole thing is like a giant symphony orchestra. This means that each man makes a sound , and this sound is variable depending on the evolutionary state of the individual, and that each mutant consistently produces geometric figures , agree to exchange humoral and vibration.

I remember one of my dreams where I had direct contact with two beings , not of this plan, which communicated with each other by emitting geometric variables that vanished in the air. So I understood that the synthesis of all is that the geometry and at a more advanced communication takes place in this way. Maybe one day we will use such a system.


Creazione del Sole (Michelangelo)

Now back to the story of Genesis, we can verify that the man "lost" who possessed this gift in a natural , having been created "in the image of the Gods" , and surely he too was " One with the Father," with all the prerogatives of the case.

But what will ever happen to be downgraded to a mere individual ?

I believe in the same Bible we find the answer in Genesis 11, " The Tower of Babel ." The humanity of that time was of one language and having discovered how to make the burnt bricks, was able to build a city in the center and decided to " ... build a tower whose top is in heaven." It would seem that the tower was to be the symbol that would keep them together without the risk of being scattered over the face of the Earth. Then Yahweh , after seeing the work of men, said, "Behold , they are one people, and they have all one language (the verb ), this is the beginning of their work and now it will not be impossible for them all that they have meditated to do . We descend and there confuse their language so they will not understand the language of each other more . " So they were " confused " and scattered over the face of the earth by God's

They say that God wanted to punish the pride of man, but reading well it seems that Yahweh was jealous man, his creature , and to prevent the degraded equaled him in caveman or so .

You do not want to judge this fact of the innocence of humanity and then the cunning of the Gods. The issue is that thanks to the man they "lost" the power to create from nothing whatever he wanted , and the Word was reduced to simple word without energy, without emotion and without awareness. Was that from then until today has not changed one iota.

So we have become a sort of talking parrot , where the words are wasted and you do not respect more the word.

At this point it is difficult to bridge the gap that exists between the word and the Word of ordinary people who started the search , because the latter knows the value of the " Lost Word " , even if it still has not been found .

The " Lost Word ", is finding the power of the Word, the Creator is the dream of every " hermetista " respectable . But realize this is equivalent to have come to the stature of Jesus, and in these two thousand years I do not think there were many like him who have received this grace.

Creation of the Sun (Michelangelo)

Erks to tell us that , "Geometry is not based on shapes, square , angles, but on vibrations suited to the human being . You are such vibrations , and within these we see the face of your geometric figure . Without these vibrations there would be any shape or geometry , and life. If what you will be able to discover the secret , then to change the shape of the object just change the vibration and thus the driving force that has energy and drive. Becoming is Perfect Geometry " .

When the man - god said, " and that the light is ... " this is separated from the darkness and lit up the conscience of man.

But what is the principle that acts as a precursor to such a thing ?

A word is composed of letters,

each letter corresponds to a sound ,

every sound is equivalent to a number,

each number to a vibration ,

each vibration creates a geometric figure ,

each shape is a seed that fertilizes the matter creating life.

This is the Word of the Creator, is the " Word was God," John repeated . And ' everyone's job to re- conquer this power, because it is something that belongs to us , otherwise the " Fiat Lux " in the mind never will .

If the man had the ability to "see" all the figures that creates talking nonsense , and the damage it brings to the health of the Earth and Planetary System , would vow of silence for ever !

The energy of each word travels in space bouncing from one planet to another, and its charge will never end, because the Word is God and this is eternal , so the evil we do it ourselves.

Urge find " The Lost Word " which would amount to rediscover themselves and the true nature of the man- god , or become aware that God and man are the same thing . From this concept comes the awareness of recovery Lost Edenic state , where the man - god created with the verb " geometrically " and the world was a paradise , and " the gods walked arm in arm with men ."

The sages say that the time is coming and that humanity will become aware suddenly realizing that he had slept soundly.

Sleepers Awake !



Alfredo Di Prinzio





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